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Our moto is keeping the japanese traditional hand craft in a form that it once was. Here at Nihoncraft we are proud to be the importer of real hand forged japanese chef knives. All our knives are handcrafted in Japan using traditional method, we stock range of product carefully forged by dedicated and historically matured blacksmiths and polisher from various region. Here at Nihoncraft we are proud to offer product thatis rare and authentic. Our Japanese chef knife can be a serious tool for propfessional chef. Wide range of product shall meet any body`s expectation from kitchen, out door fishing to the commercial establishment.


Inside the factory.

The great thing about hand crafted chef knifes is that it has charcter and history for any chefs hard at work, a good equipment can change the way you cook, we hope to inspire chefs with our products just like how they inspire us with delicious recipes. All of our imported product is made with carefully selected iron steel and made using a traditional hand forging method. We only sell hand crafted and hand forged knifes made in Japan.

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